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The Miracle of the 5 Loaves and 2 Fish

February 04, 2019 3 min read

Little is much in God's hands:

We don’t even know his name. All we know is that he had what amounted to a sack lunch … and that he was willing to give it away. You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? The little boy who shared his food with Jesus and His disciples and it became enough to feed a multitude.

The boy doesn’t get a lot of airtime. In fact, although the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish is found in all four Gospels, John is the only narrative where the boy is even mentioned. But his meal grew pretty famous.

If the boy did have the chance to say a line or two, I think it would have been along the lines of, “Little is much if God is in it,” or, “You might have so little that you don’t know how it’ll make a difference, but that’s okay. Give what you have to God and He will do something great with it.”

This miracle came on the heels of a time of grief for Jesus. His cousin, John the Baptist, had just been killed by Herod. Jesus had taken His disciples to a desert place to find solitude, but the crowds had followed Him there.

His heart was moved with compassion, and Jesus healed them. He spent all day at it. When evening came around, they were all still there in that desert place. That place of scarcity.

The disciples made their suggestion out of practicality. Obviously, they couldn’t feed them. That wasn’t an option. It probably didn’t even enter their minds. “Send them away. They can buy food in the villages nearby.”

But Jesus had something else in mind. The disciples should give them food. What would you have said to Jesus in a moment like that? If Jesus asked you to do the impossible?

Stated the bottom line: “No can do.”

Asked an obvious question: “Do you see how many people there are?”

Started counting up what resources you do have: “Peter, how much money you got there? Nathaniel?”

Jesus knows what you're facing today:

Do you sometimes feel like God is asking you to do the impossible? Can I let you in on a secret? Jesus already knew what He was going to do that day (John 6:6). He was just proving the faith of His followers.

Can I let you in on another secret? (Or maybe it’s something you know already. Something you know in your head but that hasn’t quite made it to your heart.) Jesus knows what you’re facing today. He knows what you fear and what you lack. You don’t have to face it with your limited strength or your meager resources. Trust in God’s ability to meet your needs, today and every day this new year. 

God is faithful to provide:

Maybe you identify more with the young boy – you feel inadequate because you have no idea how God can use the little that you have. But just give it over to Him. He can multiply it. He can do miracles.

Or maybe you feel like you have more in common with the disciples – you’re stressed because you feel like God is calling on you to do the impossible. But no, He is calling on you to let Him do the impossible. Simply let go and let God.  

Finally, perhaps you feel like the people in the crowd – anxiety is the name of your game heading into 2019 because you lack money, time, or energy. You wonder if God truly can provide.

He can. And He will.

Give Him the little that you have. The little bit of faith. The little bit of time. The little bit of money. He will multiply it and you will see His hand upon your life.

A faithful reminder of what God can do:

We believe God has great things in store for you this New Year. In anticipation of what He will do, we’re thrilled to introduce our new design, “5 Loaves and 2 Fish.” If you feel this message resonated with you, please view our collection below and check out the new design. I hope it will serve as a reminder for the New Year, and throughout each and every day, of what God can do – the impossible!


Keep walking, 

Jomar A.

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