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Our Lord is a Waymaker

by Jomar Alvarado July 01, 2019 2 min read


You probably grew up playing hide-and-seek, but as an adult, have you ever played the game with a young child? It can be a humorous experience because preschool-aged children just don’t grasp the idea of hiding.

If you’re “it,” you count to ten, look around, and the kids are standing in plain sight, waiting to be found. They don’t even hide! Or – even better – they cover their eyes and assume that because they can’t see you, you can’t see them.

While playing this game with a few young children recently, it struck me that this is sometimes how we relate to God. (And in case you were wondering, we’re the preschoolers in the scenario.)

We assume that, simply because we can’t see God, He can’t see us. Because we don’t understand the way He is working, we fear that He isn’t working at all.

But God sees you. And He is at work in the middle of every tough circumstance in your life.

We worry that God is taken by surprise when tough things come our way. But God knows, and He is making a way.

A song I absolutely love has a line that states, “Nothing catches you by surprise.” It goes on to say, “We’re standing here only because you made a way.”

Life with the Lord isn’t a game of hide-and-seek. Even when you can’t see the way He is taking you, He has plans for your life that began long before you were even born, and He is serious about seeing them through to completion. 

Whatever you are facing right now, believe that God knows, He sees, and He will make a way.

Our Lord is a Waymaker.


Keep Walking, 

Jomar A.


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