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Look up, Child. You're a daughter of a King, an heir with Christ! ❤️

November 08, 2018 3 min read

Isn’t it funny (but not funny) how the smallest thing can throw us off balance and threaten our joy for the rest of the day? A rude driver cutting you off in traffic. An impatient email from the boss. A cutting comment on your social media feed. You wanted a victorious day but all you can do is to put on a brave face because you feel hurt. Misunderstood. Even resentful.

And that’s not to mention the big stuff you can never plan for. A family member suffering a long term illness. Your child needing a sudden trip to the emergency room. The deep wound in your relationship no one knows about, which you haven’t been able to let go of.

Are you facing something like that right now? A hopeless situation? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed or fearful about your future.You’re wondering where God is in all this … wondering what you can do.

A Beautiful Reminder: 

On a day that started out off balance and joy-threatening, I heard Lauren Daigle’s new song Look Up, Child for the first time. This might sound cliché, but that song made my day; it transformed my perspective.

The words give a beautiful reminder that when the circumstances of life are weighing you down, you can look up and remember who you truly are: a child of God, an heir with Christ. Think of all that means! Really. Consider the implications. You are chosen by a God who loves you deeply. A God who is for you and is never against you. A God who has plans for you to prosper. A God who wants a relationship with you. A God who watches over you in the midst of the little problems and the big ones too.

I know it’s easy to look down while in the middle of the storm, when the wind and waves are roaring and you feel like you’re about to be pulled under. But those are the times Jesus urges us, “Look up, Child.”

When you’re not sure if your faith can withstand one more hit, look up! Your Father is not far away. He’s right there, reaching down to help you in your time of need. Whatever that need is, He knows.

Even in the middle of your suffering, your questions, your frustrating argument with a friend – God does not turn a blind eye. Look up! And remember that as you share in Christ’s sufferings, one day you’ll share in His glory too. And for now, in this moment, He will strengthen you to overcome.

When the challenges you face don’t seem to make any sense or the day-to-day grind makes you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, look up! Like the Apostle Paul encourages us, “… fix [your] eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18).


Let's face it: The enemy and the circumstances you face are real. But you must know - they aren't a real threat to who you are in Christ. You’re a daughter of a king, and you have a great inheritance.  

- Peace is yours.

- Hope is yours.

- Joy is yours.

Sister, I don't know what you're currently going through, but I want to encourage you to allow God’s goodness and faithfulness to surround you in the midst of the storm. God’s heart is for you to live from a place of victory and confidence in who He is. 

A Reminder That You Can Wear: 

“Look up, Child,” and remember your true identity. You are an heir of God, a joint-heir with Christ. As a reminder of that awesome truth, we've created a new limited series: the Heirs Collection. These shirts are designed specifically to encourage you to look up each day and rejoice in your identity as a child of the most High God.



Keep walking, 

Jomar A.

Walk by Faith Apparel