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There is Good News! - Blog Post

by Jomar Alvarado April 08, 2019 2 min read

A woman engulfed in grief wept at a tomb. She had lost the one she called Messiah. He had freed her from a life of shame and guilt, yet now He was gone.

“Why are you crying?” a man asked as he approached her. Although she did not at first recognize Him, when Jesus spoke her name, the woman realized that death had been swallowed at the grave. The sun rose in her heart because the Son of God had risen.

Her name? Mary Magdalene. The beautiful thing about this story is that, when Jesus rose from the dead, He did not leave her alone, in tears, at His tomb. After all, He is called the Man of Sorrows, and one acquainted with grief. He knew well the pain of tears, so He returned to bring her hope.

Jesus’ resurrection brings hope today.

Some pain is too sharp to put into words; it could be the pain of guilt or shame because of your past or your current struggles with sin or addiction. Sometimes tears are the only refuge when fear overshadows your life and keeps you in darkness.

Jesus understands. He embraced the shame and pain of the cross so that we might know true hope. And He embraces us when we bear the heaviest burdens. He not only died on the cross for our sins, but He also helps to bear our pain today. He carries our sorrow that we might look up and realize we are no longer slaves to fear, sin, and death.

God promises us abundant joy and hope. The same power that caused Jesus to transform from dead to alive also lives within us.

To you, the one who suffers from low self-esteem:

Realize how much you are truly loved. Christ suffered on the cross … for you. He died … for you. And He rose again … for you. You only have to accept the eternal love of Christ and it is yours … for keeps.

To you, the one who deals with guilt and shame:

Know that your past – and even your current – struggles with sin do not define you. Only your new life in Christ defines you, as an adopted child of God. Jesus died so that you may live a life free from the bondage of remorse and guiltiness.

To you, the one whose days are filled with anxiety or fear:

Remember that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives within you! Live with courage! You have the power to face whatever circumstances you face.

Let this new design provide a daily reminder that – no matter who you are or where you come from – your salvation was bought by the blood of Christ and you can overcome any circumstance through the power of the risen Savior; You are forgiven, loved, transformed, and victorious! 

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