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Our Story

Do you ever have those rough times that stretch so long it feels like you lost an entire year? In 2015, I faced the hardest year of my life. Anxiety permeated my senses, and I started getting panic attacks. Dark thoughts filtered into my mind, and I believed them. I had grown up in a Christian household, so part of me knew these were lies, but I lacked power to shake them. The world I had once known loomed dark before me.

Yet through the gloom and pain, a glimpse of hope shone like a subtle ray of light trying to break through dense clouds. I knew there had to be more to life. One day, I opened my Bible and began to read. I started watching sermons online and tuning into Christian music stations in my car. Perhaps only a small way to confront the darkness, but that ray of light grew stronger.

I wrote Bible verses on index cards and kept them with me. Every time an anxious thought threatened, I searched out a promise from God’s Word that said otherwise. Holding onto these promises empowered me to see beauty beyond shadow.

A few months passed, and I had grown in the habit of pulling out promises and reminding myself of God’s love and grace. But sometimes anxiety still overwhelmed me when I didn’t have access to my Bible or laptop or radio.

One day, I attended an event where a friend spoke about his success in print-on-demand apparel. Something clicked inside me. I thought about my recent experiences, and how in trying times we tend to focus on our problems. Our natural tendency is to make sense out of the pain using our natural senses. But that leaves out the reality of God’s truth and promises. An idea grew in my mind: tee-shirts with reminders of God’s truths to combat the enemy’s lies.

“Walk by Faith Apparel” is more than a line of clothing; it is a mission. To help combat lies, doubts, and fears. To encourage you there is hope, purpose, and strength within your situation. Through the spirit of God, you can look beyond current circumstances. You can overcome any challenge. I pray these tees will provide an encouraging reminder to help you take the next step.

To Walk by Faith today.