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Product Care

Each one of our apparel tells a story of our walk with Christ; this is what we love most. To keep your apparel aging beautifully as they become uniquely yours we have a few tips for general care and maintenance.

Machine Wash - this is how we recommend washing your apparel.
  1. Turn your apparel inside out.
  2. Set washing machine to gentle cold.
  3. Hang dry. If you're in a rush or prefer the dryer, go ahead and throw them in on tumble dry, low heat.
Things to Remember
  1. We recommend avoiding harsh detergents or fabric softeners. They can over soften your apparel and cause them to wear out faster.
  2. Washing and drying apparel can always result in a bit of shrinkage. Even with cold water and no heat in the dryer, you may see slight shrinkage. Whenever possible, hang dry. 
  3. Ironing is safe on a low heat setting, however do not iron on the printed area.